Meguiars Dual Action Power System Ultimate Wax Pack
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Product Description

Having to wax your car by hand can be a time consuming effort. But with Meguiar's Power System, waxing just got easier and more fun.

 Quickly add durable, long lasting protection for the ultimate show car finish

 Add Protection, Shine and brilliant reflections in minutes or less.

 Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax is our most advanced, pure synthetic wax

 The foam waxing pad lays a perfect, even application for maximum reflectivity

 Machine washable and dryable

Additional Information:

Is your ride in need of a refresh? Having to do car care by hand can be a time consuming effort, but with Meguiar's Power System, compounding, polishing and waxing can be done with minimal effort. Essentially giving you more shine, in less time. This Waxing Power Pad is compatible with the Power System and includes a bottle of Meguiar's Ultimate Wax. (The Power System main unit is sold separately.)

Easy and beautiful waxing resultsBetter Results than Hand Waxing

Polishing and waxing your car by hand has been described as therapeutic by some and time consuming and tiring by others. No matter where you fall, the Power System will not only help you work faster and with less effort, it will add to the enjoyment of working on your car when you see the results.

As a result, the Meguiar's Power System was designed for anyone who may be intimidated by other tools and machines but is ready to jump from hand application to the next level of car care. Whether you're left handed or right handed, the Meguiar's Power System is designed to fit into any drill and is a versatile tool to have in your car detailing tool box.

The Power System can be used to easily remove oxidation, scratches and waters spots by using the Compound Power Pack or Compounding Power Pads, remove swirls and add a deep gloss and rich dark color by using the Polishing Power Pack or Polishing Power Pads, and add protection, enhance shine, and get brilliant reflections by using the Waxing Power Pack or Waxing Power Pads.

What is Dual Action?

Dual Action means that the pad moves in 2 directions at the same time, similar to how the Earth rotates on its axis while spinning around the Sun. Bottom line, this professional grade tool will allow you to get better results than by hand and deliver those results safely without damaging your paint or leaving behind any swirls marks.

Attaching the Power System to a Drill

Mount the Meguiar&#;s Power System to your drill by inserting the Meguiar&#;s Power System&#;s arbor into your drill&#;s chuck, (up to the step in the arbor). This step serves as a stop to prevent the arbor from being inserted too deep into the drill&#;s chuck. Tighten the drill&#;s chuck securely, as per the drill manufacturer&#;s instructions.

What's in the Box?

Meguiar's Waxing Power Pad, one bottle of Ultimate Wa instruction sheet.

Which Meguiar's Power System Pack or Pads do I Need to Purchase?

The type of paint detailing process that you want to perform on your vehicle will determine the type of Power Pack or Power Pad that you will need to use.

If you already have the appropriate Meguiar's products to compound, polish or wax your vehicle, you only need to purchase the corresponding Power Pads to get started. However, if you do not have the necessary Meguiar's product, you can purchase one of the 3 available Power Packs to get both the necessary product and pads required.


  • Product Overview

    • Type: Rotary
    • Orbital Pitch (in.): 0
    • Power Source: Manual
    • Accessory Type: Applicator pad
    • Material: PET/PVC/PP
    • Action: Rotary
  • Shipping Dimensions

    • width: 8
    • height: 5
    • length: 10
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